• September 24, 2021
  • Updated 12:29 am


About Colour Canvas

Colour Canvas- India’s No.1 Fastest Growing Art Newspaper is a fortnightly paper based in New Delhi started in year 2014 and running successfully since then. It covers all kind of art and circulated all India among art galleries, art buyers, art collectors, art lovers, connoisseur. We  strongly believe in connection with our readers.
The comprehensive news portal covers all the latest developments on a real-time basis in the fields of Visual arts, Classical Dance, Classical Music, Theater, Movies etc. offering you a complete perspective of art world. Analysis from expert and celebrity columnists give you unique insight into developments, helping you stay a step ahead. The website and its social handles also feature unique content. Colourcanvas.co.in was ranked among the top national art news sites since 2014.

Key Team

Vijay Pal Bagri

Sakshi Bagri

Tarun Bagri