New Delhi (India), Feb 5 (ANI): The prestigious Asia Art Festival, which has been appreciated by all quarters will be held in New Delhi soon. This is the first year running of the Festival and it hopes to inspire the young minds to create the marvels of art and to engage themselves in creative pursuits in the realm of art.
The festival was started with the vision to explore the endless possibilities of the creative mind and over the years it has become synonymous with the same. The 22-year old Ishaan Bhalla is the brain behind this festival. He has been awarded the prestigious Global Award of Excellence for his artistic skills. He is driven by his passion to unravel immortal expressions of creativity. Ishaan is a young artist, creative entrepreneur and an emerging star in the world of art.
He entered this field in 2012 and has been actively managing cultural projects since then. He has dedicated himself to the cause of promoting artists from India and he is constantly at new and innovative ways to put India on the global map.
According to Ishaan, he is inspired by the global vision of the progress and
prosperity of one and all. For him, art is a metaphor for life.
Talking about this festival, Ishaan Bhalla says, “Asia Art Festival 2020 is going to embark on a journey imbued with creative pursuits aimed at elevating the spirit of humanity through its collaboration with art organizations and artists from all over the world. We have had a great journey so far and I am looking forward to another memorable year. I believe that there is great goodwill that can be generated through art. Apart from bringing business to artists, art can also be used as an opportunity to raise funds for several charities. I’ve seen how people use it as a backdrop for their various charitable causes.”
Asia Art Festival 2020 will witness a world class cultural event that will bring together art lovers and artists from every nook and corner of the world. In this festival, people will be able to see confluence of myriad creative sectors such as visual arts, crafts, performance arts, culinary arts and music, coming together to influence a new understanding of the world around us.

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