Finding Myself. `~ Arka Ray Chaudhary

Over the years, I have repeatedly questioned myself as to why I draw, even more, why I draw for the sake of myself ? I have not necessarily got the right answer but I must admit without hesitation that I have accumulated some feelings in this regard. I have felt warps and woofs in the layers of my mind but perhaps “urge” is the better expression here. This urge has pave the way to take recourse to a certain medium of self expression. Yes for some it may be poetry, for some others it may be music. For me, the
medium has boiled down to painting by which I do not meant to cage some moments or spaces. For me, painting is synonymous with life’s resonance. Again this can also be perceived as a mirror where I find myself preoccupied in an unending effort while transversing life’s journey to look for and delve into “the real I”.

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