Motivation is the biggest fuel that runs one’s life. To clear the doubts that act as a barrier for us, we all need motivation at the right time. And this exactly a duo of teacher-student from Kohlapur, Maharashtra is doing for the budding artists.

Parshvanath Nandre, a farmer who is a tremendous artist and a fine art teacher. In the era where fine art education has become a business, he is still doing it to sustain creativity and culture for our upcoming generation and supporting his students in every aspect. He did numerous group shows, solo exhibitons and demo across India on many prestigious platforms.

He taught many  but his Pupil Vijay Dipak Upadhye who was born and brought up in a farmer’ family stand out of the que. He started learning art from very young age and living his life in his own terms . Inspite having his own home in Kohlapur he is living in Digambar Jain Hostle and earning his own bread. Few years ago he lost his home and crops during flood in Maharashtra even the flood couldn’t spare him from his love of art.he worked so hard on fields and whenever he could he did paint. Vijay Dipak Upadhye loves nature and that he depict in his landscapes, he also do portraits, murals and love to play with colours.He also participated in Various group shows and also won many prestigious awards in the field of fine art.

Vijay Dipak Upadhye

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