Hina Bhatt Art Ventures

Art is not just a practice, but is beyond it. In fact it is a way of life. More than just a skill, it is a passion. Each work of Art is not just a mere image, but every work of art narrates a story. Art has always been a part and parcel of life and living since times known. Artists do not think like policymakers or academicians. They are driven by instincts and hence think from their heart – they think big, revolutionary and visionary ideas. This is why Art has the capability to  move the society to action, thus creating significant social, cultural and political contributions. This is what makes art and artists essential and important to the society and world.

With this view and attitude in mind, Hina Bhatt Art Ventures (HBAV) was born on October 8, 2019 on the auspicious day of Vijay Dashmi with a mission and vision to create, organise and present Art with a strong foundation of Research and Authenticity.  The whole idea of this Art venture began in mid June,in an informal discussion over a cup of tea between Hina Bhatt, an artist /art investor from Pune and Artist/Curator Vasanth Rao who is based in Sydney, where Hina expressed her wish to do something for art and artist community. The discussion led to the birth of HBAV which began its operations keeping Pune as the base. Curating art projects being the key action plan, the agenda was to become a strong connection between Art, Artists and Society by creating relevant platforms and opportunities. 

HBAV’s maiden project was a National Art Camp – Pranav. The objective was to enhance Art interaction through this camp. It was organised between December 10 and 15, 2019 at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan near Pune. 30 renowned artists from 19 states of India had participated in this Camp making this camp a great success. Each artist created 2-3 artworks being in the Camp. This National Camp was coordinated and curated under the leadership of Curator Vasanth Rao. 

Then in March 2020, the world was hit by the disaster Covid-19 which crumpled the entire social and business life. This disaster forced everyone to be at home leaving behind all work and plans. Like all other industries, the Art field too was hit by it and this was a great discouraging factor for the art community. Keeping in mind the situation  and its compulsions, HBAV announced an Online Competition under the banner “Stay Home, Stay Safe” wherein all artists were encouraged to participate in it. The theme was to paint any picture from the reference photographs (Clicked by Hina Bhatt herself and available to all artists in the Facebook page- Painting References) and post it on the Facebook page of HBAV. Each evening all the painting were received and cash prizes were given each day to the winning entriesof that day. The prize money was transferred online. HBAV had nominated about 12 reputed artists as brand ambassadors who volunteered to promote the cause. This program continued for 32days and prizes were given in 3 categories, namely – Professional portrait category, Professional General category (Landscapes/Still life etc),and Student category. After the success of this event another event was conducted for Children over a period of ten days. Both these programs were well received, appreciated and boosted and motivated many artists across India and abroad. “Stay Home, Stay Safe” program was coordinated and implemented under the leadership of Hina Bhatt.  

Then continuing the same Online concept Hina wished to do an Online Camp too. Thus HBAV came up with Akshaya – Online Art Camp involving reputed artists from India, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and Nepal. It was for the first time in the world to have thought and implemented this idea. It was an innovative idea and well received in the Art Industry. Again here the objective was to enhance Art interaction through this Online camp and motivate the art community in this stressful period. This event was organised between May 10 and 17, 2020. 31 renowned artists from different states of India had participated in this Camp making this camp a great success. Everyday each artist posted images and videos demonstrating their Art. Each artist created 2 artworks in this Camp. This International Online Camp was Directed and Co-curated by Hina Bhatt and Co-ordinated and Curated by Vasanth Rao.
  HBAV is now doing a mega event called Akshaya Kalayatra… which is a nationwide art camp series taking a journey through the various regions of India and thus showcasing the talent of the various regions and highlighting on their uniqueness and similarities. They have already successfully completed the Dakshin and Poorab regions and soon the events will follow for other regions too.

HBAV has many plans and programs that will be implemented in the near and far future. The team believes and envisions that their programs will become an essential ingredient to empower Art, artists and society at large 

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