THE ART HUB is a visual arts community which strives to work for the artists of India and bring in refreshing ways for them to sustain in the art ecosystem. We always speak about how Indian artists have an upper hand due to our rich culture and tradition. As the world suffers from Pandemic, the entire art market was puzzled and were thinking ways for a sustainable way for art. Though people thought of ways for a virtual exhibition, we planned to take it one step ahead. We introduced India’s first Group AR ( Augmented Reality) Art exhibition. 
About AUGMENTED REALITY – The technology where you can see things virtually and place those virtual objects in your real environment is called Augmented reality or Mixed Reality. This technology sounds perfect for our community as anyone can place the actual painting in the real world and look for options and check it’s suitability. Now people are doing wonders using this amazing technology. Recently we have seen how jewellery shops are using this technology to practice untouched selling and it also promotes social distancing. What excited us was it’s benefits. Artworks in high resolution 3d models can reach out to large number of people or crowd at the same time as anyone, anywhere in the world can see it, share the link and buy it online . Also costly objects can be displayed with zero percentage of mishandling. No travel or time management issues. One can just go on with the benefits of it.
With plethora of benefits, Our Founder Mittul Agarwal took the privilege to organise this exhibition on our very own website from 28th August – 30th August and ended up extending the exhibition till 1st September due to it’s unbelievable and exciting results. 

The AR designing part was handled by Udit Nimal and our Web developer Ahwan Mishra helped us showcase this exhibition as planned. The exhibition hosted 8 artists from India, including one artist from the US. Participating artists from Mumbai were Tripti Seth ( known for her portraits made from thread on fabrics) , Saloni Jain ( working on conceptual arts using acrylic and oil) , Archana Gore (uses pencil colours to make portraits and nature inspired works) , Mitisha Vakil ( exploring new horizons while working on landscapes with acrylics) Aniket Kanade ( uses his life experiences in his works with various mediums). We also had Jeyusha Patel ( working on nature and religion driven paintings using Zentangles on large canvases) from Surat and Vaijayanthi. V ( with her splendid landscape works with acrylics) from Chennai. The last participating artist was Ambica Manepalli ( known for her creative and experimental mandalas ) from USA. The exhibition was inaugurated on 28th August online in a live session with internationally renowned artists Nfn Kalyan from USA. This live discussion was on our Instagram channel (@thearthub18) with the founder talking about how Indian artist can create their mark in the Global market. 
This 4 days exhibition was a great success . We got nearly 1750+ unique visitors including 2,00,000 + clicks . The exhibition went international from national as it was viewed by art lovers and buyers from 6+ countries including USA, Germany, France, Canada, Ireland, Uk and our very own country.

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