Nazam-e- Nazariye, A poetic Rendezvous, on 29th February 2020 at Adab Urdu Festival Oxford Books

An expressive Prose leaves it traces to one’s heart but when it is voiced lyrically it leaves its bits in the soul too. Experience the enchanting beauty of verse being sung at the interactive event, Nazm aur Nazariye, on 29th February 2020 at Adab Urdu Festival Oxford Books from 3.30 pm onwards. 

Urshila chanana will read out socio- contemporary poems, from her book “Nukth-e-Nazar” and alongside artist Rene Singh will sing them. Nuqta-e-Nazar is a compilation of poems, divided into four sections, and explores the complexity of various human emotions. This is a tribute by poetess in peace and harmony to Hindustani and Urdu poetry. 

Speaking of the need for building Harmony and Unity, Urshila says, 

“Aao Naye ILm  ki shamei’n har zehen mei’n jalaye’n

Aao un khwabo’n ki mil Kar tameer jo karei’n

Aao Phir Milne ki batei’n karei’n”

The musical recital also depicts the innocence of time through her expressions. Each poem seems to suggest a conversation, deliberately raising multiple perceptions. There is introspection and yet a passionate zestful manner that evokes interpretation from dual angles- both cosmic and ordinary in the wide spectrum of ‘aware social thoughts’. It is a just pure expression-simply flowing; both in the female and the male voice. 

The recital has also recently been launched on her YouTube channel to promote a blend of Urdu and Hindustani literature among the present generation.

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