“Nisarga Sanvad” An Exhibition of Paintings By Well-known artist Paul J. Dmello in Nehru Centre Art Gallery
water colour on paper

Village landscape its natural greenery, Social & cultural happenings are subjects of Mr. Paul Dmello ‘s upcoming  solo exhibition of paintings titled as “निसर्ग संवाद “Dialog with Nature ” at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai. Viewers can notice details of Greenery of jungle around village, small huts with coconut leaves or small houses with Red tiles, farms with or without compound, paths to farm  & jungle, flowing river, bridge over river, crick bayside of sea near village, villagers, fishermen with fishnets & small boats. Temples of village, huge church near village & big fort in outskirt of village in Dmello’s paintings. Dmello has also captured village happenings like procession of welcoming of Ganesha idol, villagers performing their daily agricultural duties, fishermen catching fish in boats using fishnets, smiling village girl near her farm, bullock cart carrying goods, villagers going to temple & church with his acquired skills & suitable rendering of colours.  

MEDIUM: Watercolour on Paper, SIZE: 55 X 76 CM

While capturing surrounding landscape & old culture of village in his paintings  Dmello underlines development of village also with small bungalows with compound, car, two & three wheelers like bike or rickshaws, cycles etcetera.  

Alongside paintings of landscape Dmello also trying his skillful  hand on semi realistic  composition with mysterious colour schemes. These paintings are proof of Dmello’s imaginative power, skills on brush & control over various mediums. 

mix medium

His new exhibition is open for viewers from  11am to 7 pm between  21st January to 27th January 2020 at Nehru Center (circular gallery )Worli, Mumbai.  

MEDIUM: Acrylic On Canvas, SIZE: 38 IN X 18 IN

This is his second solo exhibition of paintings at such prestigious venue. He has exhibited 51 artworks. All Artworks speak to viewers due to painter’s skillful rendering of texture & brushwork, eye-catching lively  colour schemes.  

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