Sandhya Gautam an artist who seeks and endeavor   Representing “Gift Of God” at Kala Mela (Delhi) 2020.

Sandhya Gautam an artist who seeks and endeavor. She is an artist not only by training but by heart. She did both graduation and post graduation in Drawing and Painting with distinction since then she has been consistently active in this field for last 35 years. She had displayed her artworks in many places across the country including solo shows. Sandhya’s artworks range across a broad spectrum like oil painting, sculpture, abstract, miniature, portrait, landscape and realistic. One day Sandhya was just planning to do something new on her canvas which came out as ‘Gift of God’ the title given by her. This painting is amazing. Red, Black and Gold  colors have been used in it. The colour red is considered auspicious and represents positivity. Black have been used to tell that in this world negativity also exists alongside with positivity.

“A thought stuck me before I started making this painting. God has covered a plethora of things in this universe like planets, stars, fire, water etc. but perhaps the most beautiful among all these in this Earth. Other planets desolate are either scorching with heat or just have mixture of gases. Earth being the only one where exists water, air, life, death, sadness, happiness, pain, festivals and many other gifts given by God which are found nowhere else in the Universe. Through for this painting I want to show my gratefulness to the almighty for this purpose I have used golden colour and the randomised strokes in this abstract painting came out to look like impressions of temples which  amazed even me. The patterns which came out resemble a shining Kailash mountain at drawn. Sun Konark temple and many other holy places” says: Sandhya Gautam.

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