“Soulful Symphony” A Solo show of Paintings By Jayshree Samir Savani

From: 23rd February to 1st March 2021

“Soulful Symphony”

A Solo show of Paintings


Jayshree Samir Savani


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Mumbai based contemporary artist Jayshree Savani will be display her recent work in Jehangir Art Gallery, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, from 16th to 22nd February 2021 between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  
She strongly believes everyone and everything that exists in this Universe will play their part of the music in a perfect symphony..its already defined..
We have to just be happy doing this predefined part and spread this joy with others around .
 For Artist Jayshree Savani, Abstraction is the form of introspection.
Her paintings are a celebration of bright colours used as a portrayal of mankind’s inner joy and their inherent emotion of love. 
Art is her passion. Apart from this she is a folk dancer, a fashion designer, a leadership trainer, also heads an Awareness module for young children.
She strongly believes in the theory of our Universe being a Hologram, where every action and emotion causes reverberation,  a sound from deep within, an echo from the soul.
Since souls are all connected, every reverberance is a result of the whole complete Universal emotion having Holographic effect. That’s where the Universal soul speaks from within each one of us to assimilate to the core oneness.
The artist will be exhibiting her latest series of abstract paintings in this solo show 
“Soulful symphony”.
Artist Jayshree Savani explains, “ I paint from ideas and thoughts that come from deep within me. It is my quest to understand the unique power, the power and energy that every living being possess”. She further adds, “I try to feel the inherent inner vibrations present in all natural phenomena. My works exist in this infinite space where the natural & organic forms float in bondless seamless harmony. 
In my recent works I have tried to follow & trace the subtle forms of energy which are marked by delicate nudges of colours and textures and a rhythmic play of light and shade”.
Her work ‘ Blooms’ depicts the Nature’s way of expressing joy through vivid display of colours. 
The abstract ‘Truth’, depicts that sometimes, the harsh absolute truth should be replaced with ‘whitelies’ or the little untruthful things said in an effort to save situations or someone’s feelings. Calling such a lie “white” is the perfect way to separate it from the darker lies that are told to be cruel, malicious or hurtful.
The other abstract on display  is Breakthrough’, which depicts the idea of a radical change . Black depicts all the difficulty due to the so called rigid and superstitious garbs worn by mankind in the pretext of survival. 
Here again, the artist shows the real breakthrough when we can unmask our fake identities and bravely bare our souls.
Hence like an outburst from the old into the new, 
like a single and persistent dripping of water can break apart  the adamant rock strata, 
a new vibrant thought breaking it’s way through the shackles of  age – old superstitions and heading towards the betterment of human race.
Through her works, its her humble effort to make her inner voice – her Reverberance of wanting to merge with the core,
heard and felt.
 *Soulful Symphony..
The Essence of our existence in this Universe.*

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