Takshni by Richa Uppal exclusive sculptures and wall installation

 Richa Uppal who works under the name of Takshni   which is founded her  which has exclusive sculptures and wall installation
Takshni means chisel in Sanskrit and we manifest thoughts into tangible art using natural materials. Takshni’s pieces defines  each piece with reason for its existence, to be chosen as per aspiration, taste and inclinature. Takshni also plans to empower artisans and aims to give back as much as we can to the regions of source through cooperative structures and fair pricing.
 Takshni’s  philosophy encourages rustic simplicity and understated elegance. they focus on celebrating the way things are rather than how they should be. Rough textures, minimally processed goods, natural materials, and subtle hues; is Takshni. We shift the balance from doing to being to appreciating rather than perfecting. We value craftsmanship, we re-use and we believe in minimalism. Takshni’s signature can be best described as minimalism with craftsmanship.
 Richa Uppal in 2014 founded her firm to showcase exclusive sculptures and wall installations under the brand name Takshni. The name ‘Takshni’ fits the core identity of the brand which includes minimalistic lifestyle characterized by good taste and elegant, sustainable, handcrafted artefacts with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
in 2016, the brand stretched itself vertically and introduced limited edition range in sculptures and wall installations which were till date only exclusive in nature. The clientele included architects and interior designers.In 2018, objects and miniatures, a new line of products, was launched to cater gifting needs of top level management. They are limited edition pieces; the miniatures are smaller version of bigger sculptures we make under limited edition range of sculptures and objects are pieces with utility. The clientele included gifting companies in and outside India. During early 2020, pulls and knobs were introduced in limited edition to fill the void of exquisite hardware required for the interiors. The clientele included architects and interior designers.

Richa Uppal Collection has Sculpture & Wall installation; Object & Miniatures; Pulls & Knobs in 5 categories namely The Bloom; The Species, The Hominoids, The Mythology and The Geometry.
These artifacts are specific to the interior of a home or for gifting They are either exclusive or are limited edition piece and come with an authentication certificate with necessary details mentioned in it.the moulded and chiselled alloys fused with stone, wood, iron, clay; mystifying intricacies and inherent richness of traditional crafts of our country epitomises artistic manifestations of creativity. They are created using nothing else but a set of gifted hands and some basic tools and equipment by the artisans residing in three states of India namely Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal. Takshni is conjured to build a brand of India to develop its strong identity in the global arena that encapsulates India’s special attributes and creates a definable profile as well as bring the social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements. The vision is to produce a clear identity which will competitively position craft of lost wax casting from India in the global market place as a distinct brand rather than a mere ‘made in India’ merchandise. We obtain our competitive advantage through lower cost since Takshni utilizes the potential of the skilled craftsmen inhabiting in rural villages of India to create contemporary art.

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