Acrylic on Canvas

“When disconnected from the universal truth that everything is interdependent and interconnected, we feel like we are each born to compete with others. However, in reality, if we pull a thread here, we’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world. All is interconnected, a part of the whole”, exclaims Mumbai based veteran artist Anand Toraskar.

For Toraskar, art is not just a tool for self-expression, it is a powerful vehicle for communicating this truth, revealing this reality and the limitless possibilities for building a better world. “In reality, 95% of the human population is consciously or unconsciously responding to the social
norms of how their peers behaved almost like a primitive instinct and only 5% human beings are able to decipher this truth”, adds the artist.

At the first glance, Toraskar’s paintings seem to be pure abstraction; upon closer contemplation, the viewer sees forms of infinity, a sense of transcendence, subliminal use of symbols through dots, circles and patterns. In his works, there’s an interplay between the initially intentional, primary part and then an activity in the painting that sets it off vibrating,

Acrylic on Canvas

This artistic process usually takes a lot of time, revisions, attempts, and failures, but eventually the painting starts vibrating and there is a relationship, and inter-connectedness between the
parts and the whole, color and line, light and space. The paintings are basically made of many—sometimes hundreds, sometimes just a few—layers of translucent color, glazes.
Toraskar’s artworks encompass boundlessness of the universe, its unimaginable, massive expanse. All these dots merge together to create a whole picture containing the physical and mystical aspects of life.

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