An Exhibition of Paintings by Ananta Mandal

At jehangir Art Gallery, From 18th to 24th Feb, 2020

THE SOUL COLLECTION narrates my art archive which continues with time as it amplifies with various subjects and moods.

Being an artist the journey has been dynamic yet embedded in the realities of circumstances which seems distinct in each frame enchanting the heart and soul. While experimenting the works with different colors and tone to showcase the subjects will transit from hustle and bustle of city life to the absolute beauty of whispering serenity, the human activities to different festive celebrations of time.

I always have a soft spot for predominant use of earthy colors rooted to homeland. To start from my Kolkata’s college hostel studying surrounding area established identity in my paintings which enhances more from Mumbai’s enriched life, popular destinations and gothic architectures.

My impressionistic approach of Ganapati immersion captures the glimpse and vibes of Mumbaikars at the city of skyscrapers. While traditional Durga festival, sindoor khela celebrates womanhood with blessings and affection. The Varanasi ghats impulse harmonious rhythm of life. The devine Ganga lined by the ghats gives pulse of its centuries-old-legacy of the city of lights. My passionate admiration for Horse, their masculine anatomy, speed, majestic looks and the eyes full of expression drive my inner force to transform into paintings

The journey I gather from cultures, influential ambience and observation cross its boundaries over time to go miles and beyond.

Ananta Mandal

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