VASTRAM- Solo Exhibtion of Paintings by Dipali Deshpande at IHC,Delhi.

Dipali Deshpande is a passionate artist who stands out as a different and unique artist among others in this field in present time. She is driven by her passion and seized by the love for Indian Women’s clothing. Her works seems to be out of ordinary as she includes draperies and textiles in her paintings.

She chooses subjects like Still life, portraits, figurative compositions and also Landscapes. Dipali’s works shows she has a special taste about various types of fabric or textile materials. She appears to be very much interested to represent her observation concerning the texture, colour and embroidery motifs including other accessories relating to clothes we wear. Her close surveillance regarding the details of daily use things reflects in her work.’Her present paintings are a dynamic combination of materials,methods, subjects and concepts and depicts unusual illustrations of the artistic perception of the hues of the contemporary society and iconic metaphors specifying their salient norms in A variety of events and social happenings around.

These demonstrate her command over the medium used and stylish techniques adopted for the aesthetic adornment of the works with the desired visual effects at the relevant arenas. Vivid subjects presented in her works often defy traditional barriers and boundaries and reveal aesthetic visual ethics reflecting the echoes of the present society and social life at different stratas therein. ‘ Dipali loves to use bright colours with strong light and shade in her works. Academically she had studied engineering but painting is always been her passion. After her study to begin with she worked in a corporate sector for a few years but her real calling and happiness brought her close to art, especially painting.

Although, Dipali hails from Maharashtra, she became an integral part of Delhi/NCR’s artists family. As her real joy was painting working with colours to create her own imagery, her keen interest motivated her to take training in ‘Traditional Drawing and Painting Techniques’ under the guidance of UK based Russian artists Vladimir London and Natalie Richie. She uses her work as a tool to express her thoughts, memories and her complex ideas that run through her mind, it is not simply depictions of things around her life though her subjects come from daily life. She loves to explore the traditional painting techniques in her paintings and prefers to work with limited palette.  Her artistic mind is fascinated with six yard saree as she considers a saree is a kind of a powerful identity, a language for Indian woman, not just a garment. She tells stories about Indian women and their lifestyles in different way through her artworks. She has started gaining achievements and recognition as an artist. Her work titled ‘Kasavu Saree’ got selected for Swiss Art Expo August 2019 and  ‘Shimmer Blouse’ got selected in Annual competition and show of Eastern Foundation of Art and Culture, Odisha, India April 2019.

 Dipali has exhibited her works in more than 40 different national and international art exhibitions. Some notable group shows are ‘Mehrauli Festival’ sponsored show by Delhi Tourism, ‘World Environment week Celebration’ sponsored show at IGNCA, New Delhi and Curated Annual show by EFAC, Odisha. ‘Charity show’ at Queenstown Community Club, Singapore. Also, She has exhibited her works in some prestigious galleries like, ‘AIFACS’, ‘Arpana Caur’, ‘Stainless’, ‘Artizen’, ‘Lokayata’, ‘Uchaan’ New Delhi, ‘Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur’, ‘Fine Arts Museum, Chandigarh’, ‘Nicholas Roerich Art gallery’, Kullu.Dipali’s works got selected and exhibited in different national and international art fairs like, ‘Swiss Art Expo 2019, Zurich,’ Switzerland, India Art Festival 2019, Delhi, Mumbai Art Fair 2018, Mumbai.

Dipali’s dedication to art opened many new opportunities and her paintings had been collected by D M office, East Delhi and private collectors in USA, Netherlands, Mumbai and Delhi.

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