You Are Art !!

The definition of work of art is something that is considered to have aesthetic value, something that is beautiful, intriguing, interesting, creative or extremely well done
Now, talking about ‘aesthetics-rasa’’ literally means essence. The theory of rasa connotes a concept in Indian arts about
the aesthetic flavour of any visual, literary or musical work that evokes an emotion or feeling in the reader or audience but cannot be described. It refers to the emotional flavours/essence crafted into the work and relished by a ‘sensitive spectator’ or sahṛdaya, literally one who “has a heart”, and can connect to the work with emotion, without dryness.
Rasas are created by bhavas: the state of mind.
Considering the fact that the creator deity or creator god (often called The Creator) is responsible for the creation of the Earth, World and Universe in human religion and mythology.
 The above-expressed ideas are totally demonstrated realities, thinking about the entirety of that, I as an artist can state that human is the most beautiful work of art -to have aesthetic value, created by The Creator. I know nothing with certainty but there is nothing more beautiful than ‘human beauty’ & the beauty of ‘human life’. We as humans are too privileged to enjoy both the rasas of life. But we often take it for granted and neglect to realise that it’s a boon to be born as a human and to gain this human life, and the only job we are bound to do undoubtedly is Humanity.
A simple life concept we fail to comprehend. I have seen ample of the world’s most beautiful paintings, the ones that struck my eyes are often the ones showcasing the human life. How we all pledged to live together yet different.How it is so imperative to live and to cherish. I as an artist, always work on the objective of spreading love and happiness, how we as humans are destined to cherish all the manifestations of life. What’s more, the greater part of all, we’re intended to self-love. A person who loves himself -is the one who adores society and is loved by society. I tried to showcase the same with my painting -‘Good Vibes’

which portrays inspiration that one ought to be happy inside and outside. A sole person is responsible for the energy in the society and energy motel within.
‘Human-being’ is a walking piece of art, we as humans, shouldn’t fail at loving ourselves. To accept ourselves, because we are a creation of art, not everybody is meant to understand us, but why wait – when we can self-love. Acknowledge your blemishes and be what you are on the grounds that love has no limits & boundaries. This message is likewise delineated in my work of art ’True love’

portraying love between two different types of elephants coming from different backgrounds, yet so close to each other’s heart. True love is all about being unconditional & so is Self-Love. Once you stop judging your own self, the society stops judging you, and thus ends your grudges towards the society making you love your own self and spreading love and happiness.
Thus, value the aesthetics of being a human and the beauty of human life-Because ‘YOU ARE ART’ & the essence of art is to connect hearts and relish emotions.
“Bhavika Mangnani “

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